Las razones por las presionando para resolver problemas

We have set up this response team to assist tourists with life threatening or freedom restricting problems. Knowing what Doctor is qualified in the area of expertise needed. Making sure there is no red tape that will hinder fast results. In legal maters the red tape literally compounds by the minute. Several instances where we have helped


   1. We have arranged for the best medical team in Peņasco to evaluate and treat persons with heart problems to broken bones. There are several great Doctors in town whose specialties allow them to give the best treatment on a quick response basis. If not taken directly to these Doctors the correct treatment may not be given.

   2. Finding and returning of a lost disoriented gentleman who wandered from his group.

   3. Solving a dispute over damages caused by an accident. We managed to reduce  the bill by 75% in one instance.

   4. On several occasions we have obtained the quick release from jail persons who were involved in altercations with the law. The faster the release the less the expense and red tape are involved.

 Now that we are in place to help. Examples of problems that we will solve are:

   1. After an accident a patient was taken to a hospital here in Peņasco with a skull and neck injury. The admitting hospital would not release her for hours even though a helicopter was waiting. The hospital then caused a further delay by demanding a $3,500 bill be paid in cash before her release for a one hour stay. A one hour helicopter ride to Tucson was delayed so her arrival at the hospital there was 7 hours later. An ambulance ride to Tucson would have taken 3 hours. Driving by car and obeying the speed limits takes only 4 hours. This response team would have obtained her immediate release even if they had to pay the bill.

   2. Sundays front page headline on November 25th read Deal, Prime Debacle for Rocky Point Investors This North Beach project has reportedly put 100 million dollars of American investors money in Jeopardy. The playa San Jorge development is another example with over 200 investors without titles or bank trusts. I personally traveled to Hermosillo and met with the director of the Bureau of Land Management to determine that the person selling the property had no rights to obtain title. We have the services to determine property rights.


Obviously we can not solve all of the problems but we can with our experience and team of experts prevent the reoccurrence of those that are life threatening.


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