Bicho robó el dinero y destruyó el Fiesta Cruiser,
      por lo que no pude continuar con los pagos
This ship is air-conditioned 140 feet long overall and approximately 30 feet wide. She has new engines and transmissions and therefore, would be ready to go to work when onsite. She also has a fresh US Coast Guard license. The first deck of this vessel should be a six star restaurant. The gentlemen would be issued a dress shirt front and a blazer to meet dress code if necessary. The women would be given a rose and a Tierra or scarf. They would have a complementary picture taken and placed in a brochure folder as a souvenior.

There would be a waiter at every table. The food would be second to none. There would be a complementary violin player circulating among the tables. The second deck would have a two star restaurant. The second deck has a movable cover that can be opened for star gazing. Prices would reflect the six stars. I would set up Travel Chanel and Chef Chanel coverage.
Pictures below are an overview.
Emergency Services Radio
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The Ecological "Eco" Viewing Platform is the only one of its kind in the world. It allows you to see all the sea creatures in their natural habitat. Nothing is staged or set up in this natural reserve.
I have posted this here because of my respect for the National Bank of Arizona. Their courtesy and performance is second to none. This bank charges less for withdrawing money from an ATV in Mexico than any other bank. Call 800 497 8168 and in Ajo, Az 520 387 2200.
 Fry's Food & Drug

Fry’s food stores support my lifetime concepts of Honesty, Respect and Courtesy so I support them and the way they will treat you. Smile

Sonoran Desert Solar .com
We have the best prices. The panels pay for themselves in 2 years and are guaranteed for 25 years.
Alejandro Portugal Insurance (Seguros) is number 1 and available to purchase anytime. Give us a call 24/7 From the US 520 450 3237.

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